Air tickets

The CC@B will bear airline tickets only for foreign participants. The selected ones will receive a form to be filled with data about the flight route to be addressed to the IMF's trip agency, TBIZ, who mediates the purchase and sale of air tickets.


CC@B will arrange for the foreign participants a reservation in a three star hotel, whose location and other information will be provided upon confirmation of participation.


All participants must bear the airport-hotel cost transportation. It is recommended to get an official taxi available at the airport, whose average cost is R$ 60.00 (US$ 20.00).

CC@B offers daily shuttle from the hotel to the venue and return, for the entire duration of the course, only for foreign participants. The departure time on the first day will be at 8:00, while on the other days will be 8:30. Please be advised that the bus will not return to retrieve participants who have stayed in the hotel.

We emphasize that there will be a bilingual receptionist who will assist in the transport and other administrative procedures.

Any other expenses during the course will be the participant's responsibility.

Main Taxi Companies Telephones

Alvorada: +55 61 3321-3030 -
Unitaxi: +55 61 3325-3030 -
Maranata: +55 61 3347-3900
Shalom: +55 61 3321-8181

Other information

Per Diem

CC@B will pay for each foreign participant the amount of US$ 40.00, paid in Real, for each course day. The total will be equivalent to the duration of the course, plus the weekend (when applicable), plus two additional days regarding arrival and departure, and will cover the day before and the day after the course. We plan to deliver the per diem in the second course day, so please bring your passport.


The only currency accepted in Brazil is Real. (R$). You can also use international credit card. We recommend to change some money before arriving in Brazil or at the airport (International Airport – Presidente Juscelino Kubitschek)

For information on the exchange rate of other currencies to Real, you can access the site of the Central Bank of Brazil.



Customs for foreigners arriving in Brazil are made at the Brasília International Airport - Presidente Juscelino Kubitschek. If there is a connecting flight in Sao Paulo, the luggage will be inspected at Guarulhos International Airport. Also, if the connecting flight is in Rio de Janeiro, the luggage will be inspected at Galeão International Airport.

To avoid inconvenience, the CC@B authorizes foreign participants to complete the baggage identification card with BCB /UniBC phone number: + 55 61 3414-5027.


Participants in connecting flights in Miami will need an American visa.

More information about Brazilian Visas can be found in Brazil's embassy consulate in your country or on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Brazil:



To get the visa for Brazil, it is necessary (for some countries) to have the vaccine against yellow fever. Follow the Brazilian official website with this information:

» Portal Anvisa - Vaccine


For more information about the climate during the period of the course, go to:


Dressing Code

Brazilian citizens usually dress informally, so the course’s dress code is casual. However, for the first day, participants should dress formally for the official photo.

Social Events

During the course we will offer welcome and farewell events for the participants.

Detailed information about the health insurance will be informed in the candidate’s acceptance message.


Courses' venue

Courses will take place at Universidade Banco Central (UniBC)
Address: SCES Trecho 2 Conjunto 31 lotes 1A e 1B - Brasília/DF
CEP: 70200-002
Contacts: +55 (61) 3414-5082